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Swing Arm Sorter

  • Low cost
  • Easy operation
  • Easy to expand
  • Applicable to relative regular package of small sorting place
  • Available with pneumatic or servo controlled divert mechanisms
  • Stable performance 

  • ABL-BB High-speed Swing Arm Sorter

    Swing Arm Sorter has a series of swing arms located at the side of the conveyor, the parcel with a bar code scanned by the automatic barcode scanner or handheld by scanning gun to find the specified sorting line in the system. When the parcel is transported to the sorting line, the swing arm waves fast to push out the parcel so as to realize the purpose of automatic sorting.

    Swing arm diverters are mounted between two conveyors and are used to route cartons or totes to the correct lane. The swing arm is activated by air cylinders

    when a signal sent by a scanner, the controls system or by switch is received by the actuator, this sorter allows the product continue to move ahead on the existing

    conveyor or to be diverted onto the adjacent conveyor. The whole automatic sorting is controlled by high-performance variable frequency driven with dynamic braking.  

    APOLLO high-speed Swing Arm Sorter provides lower impact to packages, higher fatigue resistance, and longer service life when compared to metal or metal composite diverters. It’s an ideal option for middle or small sorting project. 

    Industry and Applications: 

    APOLLO High-speed Swing Arm Sorter is a tested and proven technology for use throughout a wide range of industries and applications, including E-commerce, Express Parcels, Clothes and Pharmaceutical etc.  


  • Type

    Swing Arm

    Goods type

    Mixed type

    Min Product Size (mm)

    50 * 50 * 2(mm)

    Max Product Size (mm)

    800 *800 * 800(mm)


    ≤3200 PPH

    Max Product Weight (kg)


    Max Speed Sortable


    Angel of Swing arm


    Environment Temperature

    -10 to +50 °C

    Error Rate


    Remark:If you need other non-standard specification size, pls contact with our sales freely.